Demand Response Programs

When your eligible business participates in a Demand Response Program, you don’t just save money, you make a difference. Whether you’re a commercial, agricultural, or industrial or even a residential customer, there are a variety of Demand Response (DR) programs available that can help you save energy and money. By reducing your energy consumption during hours of peak demand, you relieve stress on the grid, the environment, and your bottom line. For additional opportunities to reduce energy costs, you may enroll in more than one demand response program at a time. For details, see the Demand Response Dual Enrollment Options (PDF) chart.

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Summer of Savings

Energy demand hits its peak during the warmest months. Through the Critical Peak Pricing (CPP), get rewarded for voluntarily reducing electricity consumption or for shifting usage to off-peak hours during event days. Or, save with our Commercial Summer Discount Plan which automatically cycles your air conditioner on and off during periods of peak demand.

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Bid on Savings

Want more control over when and how much you reduce your demand? Sign up for our Capacity Bidding Program. You’ll have the flexibility to place or change bids regularly for how much energy you can reduce when a demand response event is called so you can plan ahead and save.

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