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Critical Peak Pricing

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Get To Know Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)

In March 2019, many small and medium businesses and large agricultural and pumping businesses were automatically enrolled on Critical Peak Pricing (CPP). CPP is already the default option for large businesses (Rate Schedules TOU-GS-3 and TOU-8). CPP offers a discount on summer electricity rates in exchange for higher prices during 12 CPP event days per year called between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., usually occurring on the hottest summer days. By reducing your electricity use when we notify you of CPP events , you can lower your electric costs during the summer season—when your bills are typically the highest. 

If your business is able to reduce its energy use away from CPP events, you can lower your overall costs.


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                                    Who is Affected?


Businesses with service accounts under 200 kW (Rate Schedules TOU-GS-1 and TOU-GS-2)

Agricultural and Pumping customers with service accounts over 200 kW (Rate Schedule TOU-PA-3)

You Can Choose a Rate Without CPP at Any Time


You can compare all your rate options below, but before you do, check out how CPP works. The program could actually lower your energy bill.


You’re Safe with Bill Protection


For the first 12 months, we’ll guarantee you won’t pay more than if you had never enrolled.

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Here’s how CPP works:

 If you’ve signed up for notifications, you’ll get a notification thatwe have announced a CPP event for the following day. You canreceive your notification by your choice of phone call, text, or email. CPP events can occur year-round only on non-holiday weekdays.

 The next day, during the CPP event, you should lower your usage between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. because you will be charged at a significantly higher rate than normal for all usage during these hours.

                                   Weekdays Only

                                (Summer and Winter)      

                                  Business TOU 

CPP Events may occur between 4pm-9pm year-round on non-holiday weekdays only

CPP Event


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Tips to Reduce Energy Use During a CPP Event


  • Turn off all nonessential indoor/outdoor lighting, signage, window displays, fountains, and office equipment not in use.
  • Raise cooling thermostat settings to 78°F with a programmable smart thermostat.
  • Install sensory controllers on vending machines to shut them down for short periods of time.
  • Reduce production during CPP events or reschedule during Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak hours (when CPP events will not occur).
  • Unplug battery chargers and use only precharged equipment during On-Peak hours; charge battery-operated equipment prior to CPP events.


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A CPP Success Story

“We lowered our electric bill by enrolling in the Critical Peak Pricing program and reducing our energy usage during CPP event hours. We received $11,300 in incentives in 2014 and nearly $15,000 in 2015.”

–Paola Bravo, President and Co-owner, S. Bravo Systems

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Time-Of-Use (TOU) Periods are Changing Too

TOU periods will change as of March 2019 (pending CPUC approval) to align prices with the cost of generating and delivering electricity based on the time, day, and season.

Learn More About New TOU Periods >
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Helpful Tools and Resources


 Compare Rate Options


See how the new TOU peak periods will affect you. Our Rate Plan  Comparison Tool will help you compare rates based on your actual usage.

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Get the Facts About TOU


Our helpful fact sheet summarizes the upcoming changes to TOU.      Findanswers to frequently asked questions and energy-efficiency tips.

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