Smart Energy Program Terms and Conditions / Frequently Asked Questions

05/31/2018 (Version 2018)

Smart Energy Program Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to Southern California Edison Company’s (SCE) Smart Energy Program (formerly known as Save Power Days; Save Power Day Incentive Plus or PTR-ET-DLC).

Eligibility & Requirements

In order to qualify for the Smart Energy Program, you must have enabling technology authorized by SCE for direct participation in energy events. Presently, Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats controlling a working central air conditioning system (central A/C) supported by a Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider (i.e., Energy Hub, Nest Labs, Simple, Venstar Inc., Whisker Labs, or Zen Ecosystems) are the only enabling technology available for participation in the Smart Energy Program. You must enroll your qualifying new or existing smart thermostat in the program through a Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider. Please note that the Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider may refer to this program as the Smart Energy Program or use a different brand name (e.g., Smart Savers SoCal, Rush Hour Rewards.) You must also meet the following eligibility requirements.

Requirements to Register Your Qualifying Thermostat with an Authorized Smart Thermostat Service Provider:

  1. You must have a Qualified Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat connected to a working central A/C
  2. You must have an internet connection

Smart Energy Program Requirements:

  1. You must be a Residential “Bundled Service” customer with an eligible Edison SmartConnect® meter.
  2. You must receive service under rate schedule D, D-CARE, D-FERA, TOU-D or TOU-D-T
  3. You must not be enrolled in any of the following programs, rate schedules, rate options, or services:
    • Demand Response programs or rates offered by Non-Utility Demand Response Service Providers
    • All types of Medical Baseline Allocations
    • Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
    • Domestic Multiple (DM)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 1 (DMS-1)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 2 (DMS-2)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 3 (DMS-3)
    • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Service
    • Direct Access (DA) Service
    • Summer Discount Plan

Participation Period

Eligible customers may elect to opt-in or opt-out from the program at any time by contacting their Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider, and the change will be effective within three business days. Customers may also call SCE to opt-out from the program.

Smart Thermostat Rebates

SCE offers up to two rebates for your purchase of a qualifying energy efficient smart thermostat for a total savings of up to $150. Both rebate types are explained below:

$75 Smart Energy Program Sign-Up Bonus

SCE offers a one-time sign-up bonus of $75 to customers who enroll in the Smart Energy Program through a Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider. The sign-up bonus is provided to customers, in the form of a bill credit, following successful enrollment. To qualify for the $75 sign-up bonus, the following conditions apply:

  • The sign-up bonus is for new enrollments and available until funding is exhausted.
  • Customers previously enrolled in the Smart Energy Program for the same service account will be ineligible for the sign-up bonus.
  • If your service account closes or you disenroll from the Smart Energy Program before SCE can process any portion of the sign up bonus, your sign up bonus will be cancelled.
  • Sign-up bonuses are limited to one per service account and will not exceed $75. Enrolling multiple smart thermostats for the same account will not increase your sign-up bonus amount.
  • Customers who have more than one service account (e.g., a second home) and enroll in the program may be eligible for more than one sign-up bonus.
  • SCE will not pay a sign-up bonus for a thermostat that SCE has already previously paid for. This includes payment to any previous owner of the thermostat. SCE will monitor this by thermostat serial number.
  • Customers who received their thermostat from an SCE program (e.g., the residential direct install program) are not eligible for the $75 sign-up bonus.
  • Bill credits can be processed within one to two billing cycles.

$75 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate

SCE has partnered with Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to offer a temporary one-time energy efficiency rebate of up to $75 for customers who purchase a smart thermostat from the Qualified Product List. The $75 energy efficiency rebate is a joint rebate co-funded by SCE and SoCalGas, and wholly funded by SCE for customers who are not serviced by SoCalGas or do not have a natural gas furnace. The following conditions apply:

  • Customers who already received any portion of an energy efficiency rebate for their smart thermostat by either SCE or SoCalGas will not be eligible for the $75 rebate. This includes, but is not limited to, the $50 portion of the sign-up rebate that SCE or SoCalGas provided to customers who enrolled in SCE’s Smart Energy Program between July 6, 2016 and May 31, 2018.
  • Limit one rebate per household.
  • The smart thermostat must meet the specifications listed on the application form.
  • Customers will need to supply a proof of purchase for the qualifying thermostat.
    • Customers who purchased their thermostat prior January 1, 2018 will not be eligible for the rebate.
    • Customers who purchased a qualifying thermostat between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2018 will only be eligible for up to $50.
    • Customers who purchased a qualifying thermostat on or after April 1, 2018 will be eligible for up to $75.
  • Rebate amount cannot exceed the actual cost of the thermostat.
  • Rebates are provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the program funds are no longer available. An on-site verification for the products purchased and installed may be required before the rebate is paid.
  • If all rebate requirements are met, SCE will issue a bill credit on your SCE bill within one to two billing cycles. If you applied through SoCalGas, SoCalGas will mail a rebate check within 6-8 weeks. Rebates may be postponed if your application is selected for verification, which may take additional time. This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice.

Customers serviced by both SCE and SoCalGas and have a natural gas furnace may apply for the $75 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate through SoCalGas directly here.

All other SCE customers must apply through the SCE marketplace.

Smart Energy Program Events

Smart Energy Program events (“energy events”) can occur anytime throughout the year during non-holiday weekdays with a minimum duration of one-hour and a maximum duration of four-hours per event, between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Multiple events may be called in the same day however, the total number of event hours will not exceed a maximum duration of four-hours in a day. When an energy event is called, SCE will notify your Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider 20 minutes prior to the event start time. Your Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Provider will notify you of the event and may adjust the temperature setting to reduce A/C usage during the event. You always have the option of adjusting your temperature setting, based on your comfort and choice during an energy event. However, be aware that changing the temperature settings during this period may impact the bill credits you can earn.

Smart Energy Program Bill Credits

SCE has two types of participation payments for the Smart Energy Program and provided in the form of monthly bill credits. Any earned credits will be consolidated to display as one total amount. Both credit types are explained below:

Capacity Bill Credit

Customers can earn up to $40 of Capacity Bill Credit annually for their enrollment on the Smart Energy Program. The Capacity Bill Credit will be provided to customers who maintain enrollment in the program from June 1 through September 30. Disbursement of credits will coincide with customer scheduled bill periods. Customers who enroll after June 1 or disenroll prior to September 30 will have their credits pro-rated to the summer season days with which they were actively enrolled in the program. Customers will earn $0.3275 per summer season day.

Energy Bill Credit

To calculate the Energy Bill Credit amount, SCE compares each participating customer’s usage during the Smart Energy Program event to the average of the three highest usage days of the previous five non-event, non-holiday week days during the same time frame. This method establishes a Customer Specific Reference Level (CSRL), which is used to determine the kWh reduction for each Smart Energy Program event in order to calculate the Energy Bill Credit. If the customer’s usage is lower on the Smart Energy Program event day to the CSRL, an Energy Bill Credit of $0.07 per each kWh reduced will be earned. Customers can expect to see Energy Bill Credits on their next SCE bill statement for any energy savings reduction achieved.

If the usage to calculate a CSRL is not available, due to a new service turn-on or Net Energy Metering (NEM) activation, customers will not be eligible for the Energy Bill Credit for that particular energy event.

Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Providers

Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Providers authorized by SCE for this program are EnergyHub, Nest Labs, Simple, Venstar, Whisker Labs, and Zen Ecosystems. Neither SCE nor SoCalGas endorses, qualifies or guarantees, and neither is responsible or liable for the products or services offered by the Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Providers. Customers who choose to participate in this program are not obligated to purchases any additional goods or services.

Complete Tariff Information

This information is meant as an aid to understanding SCE’s Smart Energy Program. It does not replace the CPUC-approved tariffs. Any inconsistencies between this material and SCE’s tariffs are unintended, and the tariffs prevail. Please refer to Schedule SEP Smart Energy Program in SCE’s Tariff Books for a complete list of terms and conditions of service.

This program is funded by SCE utility ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. The energy efficiency rebate is administered by SCE and SoCalGas under the auspices of the CPUC. The selection, purchase and ownership of any goods and services are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Smart Energy Program?

The long-term strategy for Demand Response (DR) programs in California is to integrate programs into the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) wholesale energy market, so the energy needs of our customers are met utilizing affordable and effective resources. The Smart Energy program is designed for residential customers who have A/C and allows your thermostat service provider to adjust the temperature setting when energy saving events are called. The program offers flexibility to call events at different times, durations, and locations, all the while maintaining an affordable cost to operate.

Can I join the Smart Energy Program if I don’t have a central air conditioner?

No. Customers must have a qualifying smart thermostat setup to control a central A/C.

Can I cancel my enrollment at any time?

You can disenroll from the program at any time; however, please consider that this program does provide the option to override any event at any time. Overriding a few events during the year instead of disenrolling from the program is a win-win solution for all. You still can provide valuable energy reduction during periods where you may have greater flexibility with your A/C usage while continuing to earn bill credits on the program.

Can a customer enrolled in Summer Discount Plan (SDP) enroll in the Smart Energy Program?

Customers are not allowed to dual participate between both programs because both programs control the same energy load and can be called at the same time. SCE cannot double pay customers for the same load reduction.

Do customers need an Edison SmartConnect® meter to enroll in this program?

Yes. SCE uses the hourly usage data provided by the Edison SmartConnect® meter to determine bill credit savings for participation during energy events.

How do I enroll?

Once you install a qualifying smart thermostat, you may sign up for the Smart Energy Program through one of our Qualified Smart Thermostat Service Providers (i.e., EnergyHub, Nest Labs, Simple, Venstar Inc., Whisker Labs, and Zen Ecosystems Inc.).

What triggers an energy event?

We may call an energy event in response to emergencies, overworked electrical grids, high wholesale energy prices, or as part of testing.

Will I know how long an event is supposed to last?

Your smart thermostat service provider should provide you with details of the event duration. SCE also offers an SCE DR Alerts Mobile App that can notify you anytime a Smart Energy Program event is activated. You can download the SCE DR Alerts Mobile App at no charge from the App Store® and Google Play store™. You can download this app at any time and configure the app to receive notices of Smart Energy Program events. Please keep in mind that you may still see the old program name, Save Power Days, referenced.

Can you pre-cool my home?

Twenty minutes prior to an event, SCE will notify all authorized smart thermostat service providers (Energy Hub, Nest, Simple, Venstar, Whisker Labs, and Zen) that an event has been scheduled. Because of this time frame, your service provider will have a limited time to pre-cool your home for the duration of one hour.

Why do I get the daily bill credit rate of $0.3275 only between June 1 and October 1?

Energy events can occur at any time, year-round. We anticipate that most will occur during the summer, when A/C usage is highest. We apply the bulk of the bill credits between June 1 and October 1 to help lower your bill during this time. You may still earn more savings during the summer or winter months when you participate in energy events, up to $0.07 for each kilowatt hour reduced

Why can’t customers receiving their energy service from a Community Choice Aggregator or Direct Access participate on the program?

The Smart Energy Program is fully funded by customers who receive their energy services directly from SCE. As such, CCA and DA customers do not qualify.

Why do I have to provide a copy of the purchase receipt for my smart thermostat?

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires the California Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s) to collect the proof of purchase receipt as part of the incentive rebate process to show the utilities influence on the consumers decision to participate in the program.

Why don’t all thermostats eligible for the Smart Energy Program qualify of for the up to $75 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate?

The Smart Energy Program requires that eligible thermostats be wi-fi enabled to accommodate Demand Response energy events. The Energy Efficiency rebate requires that aside from wi-fi capability, products should also include other capabilities such as occupancy sensing, schedule learning, humidity control and other smart, technical features. Unfortunately not all wi-fi enabled Smart Thermostats offer the other types of technical capabilities.

Why do joint utility customers with a natural gas furnace have to apply for the up to $75 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate through SoCalGas?

The Utilities Commission requires that customers can only receive one (1) Energy Efficiency smart thermostat rebate per household. Customers serviced by both SCE and SoCalGas can receive the rebate either from either utility; however, SoCalGas prefers to take the lead on providing that single rebate to the customer.

Why don’t thermostats that were purchased prior to January 1, 2018 qualify for an Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate?

SCE’s program to offer an Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate was not launched until January 1, 2018. Programs usually start on January 1st and end on December 31st. We cannot honor an increased rebate for products that were purchased in 2017 because the 2017 Program year ended on December 31st, 2017. This allows the utilities to manage their budgets accurately, eliminating the confusion on where to account the rebate dollars paid to customers.

Why do thermostats that were purchased between January 1 and March 31 of 2018 only eligible for an up to $50 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate?

Programs change throughout the year in order to adapt to market shifts. Utilities make adjustments to rebates at any time of the year to help motivate the market and this helps to achieve the Energy Savings goals that have been filed to the Utilities Commission.

Am I eligible to receive a $25 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate if I purchased my thermostat on or after April 1, 2018 but signed up for the Smart Energy Program prior to May 29, 2018 and only received a $50 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate thus far?

Incentive rates can change along with their respective incentive start dates, and the utility does not retroactively adjust rebate amounts.

How long will SCE or SoCalGas offer the $75 Energy Efficiency Smart Thermostat Rebate?

The rebate will end on December 31st, 2018 or earlier if funds have been exhausted.

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