Electric Car Rate Options


Plug In to the Right Rate

We offer 2 rate schedules designed for businesses planning to charge electric vehicles. Learn more about your options here; then, call us for assistance in selecting the rate schedule that best fits your business’ day-to-day operations and budget. If you are a property manager, you may be eligible for a residential rate schedule.

Electric vehicle with a charger attached to a wall

Using Your Existing Rate Schedule

If you prefer, you may combine your new electric vehicle charging load with existing non-residential load on a single meter. In this case, all of your business’ energy will be priced on a single rate. Existing rate components—such as time-of-use periods, energy charges or demand charges—may apply. If the combined existing non-residential load and electric vehicle charging load is above 500 kilowatts on 1 meter, load must be served on the TOU-8 rate.

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Electric vehicle charging meters

Rate Schedules for Electric Vehicles

We offer 2 non-residential, separately-metered rate options specifically for charging electric vehicles. These rates may help lower your bill, particularly if most of your charging takes place off-peak between 9 p.m. and noon. The TOU-EV-3 rate is designed for smaller commercial premises; the TOU-EV-4 plan is designed for larger commercial premises.

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